Collections... It's What We Do!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read some of our more commonly asked questions below.

What is your success rate?

Our most frequent question is “Will you be able to collect my money?” Everyone wants someone who can say “Yes.” We believe that if anyone can collect your accounts, we can.

How soon can you collect for me?

Some cases are collected within the first 30 days and others take longer. In general, most successful collections become apparent soon after our collectors begin contacting the debtor. Generally we know if the collection will be possible, even if contested, within the first 90 days. The older the debt is when it is placed for collection, the less likely it is to be collected. You should not let your past due accounts age beyond 6 months.

Will you compromise/settle my claim?

Only you can authorize a compromise or settlement! We will do our best to get all of your money and we will not compromise or settle your claim without your consent.

Do you take payments?

We always demand full, immediate payment. However, in some circumstances, a payment plan may be the only way to collect your money.

How do you disburse proceeds from my collection?

After we are certain that the debtor's payment has cleared our bank, the money is disbursed to you and our contingent fee to us. We do not get paid until you do. We make every effort to clear funds and disburse promptly. We usually disburse all cleared funds weekly.

Who will answer my questions?

You may contact Rose Agency at any time by phone during our business hours 8AM to 5PM at 260.469.3323. Angela Rose, Jessica Davis, Bethany Tran or one of our collection agents can answer questions you may have regarding your individual accounts.