Our Process

Collections... It's What We Do!

Our Process

Phase One – Day 1 to 90

Your claim will immediately be placed with one of our on-staff collectors for telephone contact. Within five days of initial contact, an FDCPA compliant letter is sent to the debtor. Our collectors will attempt to contact the debtor by phone and produce a resolution to the matter. The claim is loaded into our automatic dialer and the phone numbers are called numerous times every week until contact is made.  If our collection attempts have not produced desired results, we report the claim to Credit Reporting Agencies (CRA) approximately 45 days after the FDCPA compliant letter has been sent. 

Phase Two – Days 91 to 180

After reporting to the CRA, another series of letters may be sent. Phone calls are also made during this period.  The claim will be reviewed and analyzed to determine if litigation is recomended.

If our attempts do not reach a satisfactory conclusion we will contact you explaining the issues surrounding the case and what we recommend for phase three.


Phase Three – Days 181 to 360 and Beyond

Our recommendation will be: Close as uncollectible, continue with our current procedure, or file a lawsuit

1) Closing - If after a thorough investigation of the facts surrounding the case and of the debtors ability to pay, we determine recovery is not possible we may recommend closing the claim. You will owe nothing to Rose Agency

2) Continue with current collection procedures. This consists of telephone and letter contact for voluntary payments.

3) Litigation - If litigation has not been recommended in Phase Two, we will analyze again to determine if this might be the best course of action to take on this claim.  If our recomendation is to file a lawsuit, you will have a decision to make:

  • If you decide not to proceed with a lawsuit we can return the claim to you and you will owe Rose Agency nothing.
  • We can keep the claim and attempt telephone and letter contact to determine if the debtor’s situation has changed to achieve voluntary payments on your account.

There are two options if you decide to file a lawsuit:

  • Continue with our current contingent fee arrangement. You are responsible for court costs (approx. $89 to $150).
  • Rose Agency pays court costs (you have no out of pocket expense), and the contingent fee increases.